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Der Verordnungsvorschlag der Europäischen Kommission für europäische langfristige Investmentfonds (ELTIF)

Am 26. Juni 2013 hat die Europäische Kommission einen Vorschlag für eine Verordnung zur Schaffung eines Rechtsrahmens für Europäische langfristige...
Digibet does not answer real question

The CJEU has issued its decision in the Digibet case concerning questions referred by the German Federal Court.

Gaming Sector Faces Increased Consumer Protection

European Commission adopts Recommendation on the protection of consumers and players of online gambling services and the prevention of minors from gambling

General Court confirms that Femivia and Femibion are confusingly similar

General Court upholds opposition to FEMIVIA in relation to pharmaceutical products on basis of FEMIBION

Russian Sanctions: EU extends sanctions with more wide ranging trade restrictions imminent

The EU has further extended the list of Russian sanctions targets, bringing the total number of blacklisted parties to 87 individuals and 20 entities.

Workplace Wisdoms: Zero hour workers - free to play the field

Employment law podcast on the latest Government “ban” on zero hour contracts, and whether it really changes anything.

Patents Court considers stay claim relating to sustained release pramipexole patent

The Court has applied re-cast guidance on stays of patent proceedings, with undertakings offered by the Defendant ‘tipping the balance’ in favour of a stay.


A landmark date in the calendar for implementation of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive passed this week and ESMA has issued a revised “Q&A” answering some crucial questions about the scope and effect of various AIFMD provisions

Patents court invalidates AGA patent based on prior disclosures in clinical trials

The Patents Court has held an AGA patent relating to its Amplatzer device is invalid on the grounds of prior disclosures during clinical trials.

Das neue BGH-Urteil zur Aufklärung über Provisionen

Der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) hat mit seinem Urteil vom 3. Juni 2014 die Aufklärungspflicht von Banken über Provisionen auf eine neue Grundlage gestellt

Minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties in England & Wales: government consults on proposed regulations

The July 2014 consultation paper details restrictions, in force 1 April 2018, on leasing buildings in England and Wales with F- or G- rated energy performance.

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